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I grew up on canned vegetables and processed foods. I'm trying to kick the habit by visiting the farmers market more often and cooking with whole ingredients. Basically, I'm learning to cook and learning to eat better. I'm not saying that I'll be free of preservatives, processed, or fried foods (my favorite downfall). The point is, I should be eating more arugula and other green vegetables, especially when I cook at home. We'll see how that goes.

This blog is about good food. I write about my experiences learning to cook, eating out, collecting cookbooks, my addiction to the food network, and how I manage to cook anything in my tiny kitchen.

Check out the arugula files in the Washingtonian and on Metrocurean.


I live in the DC area with my husband Marcus, who claims he only eats for survival. I've never seen Grizzly Adams scarf down boxes of cherry cordials, so I think he enjoys food more than he likes to admit. Me? I have no problem saying that food is one of my favorite things. I like talking about it and writing about it. I've found that when people ask me where they should eat in DC, I spend hours mapping out places that would make them happy. Why not blog about it?


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